Inapp Translator

Does the FREE version come with any limits?
- Yes. The free version provides a limited number of translations for which we are actually paying the translator company (Microsoft). Unless you have the need for high volume translations, you can probably survive with the free version.

What is the Premium version?
- The Premium version removes all the ads. More importantly it provides the option to obtain a generous number of translations equivalent to 10000 Tweets, 1000 emails, or 10 pocket books per month. You will need a Microsoft account to activate this option. Complete details are provided in the app.

How to activate your Premium account?
To activate your Premium account you need Microsoft Translator Client ID and Secret key. In following link, you’ll walk, step-by-step, through everything you need to get your Client ID and Secret key:

Why you need in-app purchases?
- This option is excluded in next version

Why Microsoft Translator and not Google Translator?
- Google Translator will be added in next version

Do you collect private information?
- No.

How do I close the app?
- Simply tap and hold the “T” icon for two seconds.

Can the app translate automatically without copy to clipboard?
- Via Share option you can automatically translate the selected text without copy to clipboard-

Does it work offline?
- No.

Does it work in Facebook and Twitter?
- Absolutely! However, there is a minor limitation since Facebook and Twitter don’t allow copy to clipboard functionality.